TasICT 2018 Tasmanian Election Policy

TasICT's policy statement for this year's election undertook to advocate for the areas and issues that matter to our membership. 

While we have not got everything we wanted, we will continue to advocate for the sector as part of TasICT's business as usual operation with a new government.  A priority for the Association will be to secure funding to support our workforce development programs.

Both parties have now released their final ICT policy for the 2018 Tasmanian Election and I have included them below, as well as a brief summary.

TasICT's full policy can be viewed here.

Yours Sincerely

Dean Winter
Chief Executive Officer


Liberal Party
Full Policy Document

Biannual ICT Summit

  • To progress the opportunities that ICT offers, a re-elected Liberal Government will convene an ICT summit twice a year.

Reduction in payroll tax

  • Businesses with total wages of between $1.25 million and $2.0 million will pay a reduced payroll tax rate of 4.0%, down from 6.1%.

Update TasICT's Workforce Development Plan

  • $75,000 to plan for a forcast 1,000 net increase in ICT jobs over the coming four years and long term growth.

Startup and Accelerator programs

  • $278,000 per year over four years to support Enterprize Hubs in Hobart and Launceston.
  • $900,000 over two years to attract and form a leading Start-Up Accelerator Program in Tasmania.

Local Benefits testing for Government procurement

  • A target that 90 per cent of all Government contracts will be awarded to Tasmanian-based businesses by 2022.


Labor Party
Full Policy Document

Innovation and Technology Sector Advisory Council

  • Within the first six months of government, the Innovation and Technology Sector Advisory Council will lead the conduct of a comprehensive review of the sector.

Sector and Workforce Development Plan

  • The Advisory Council would develop a Sector and Workforce Development Plan, based on the findings of its technology sector review.

Open Government

  • The policy will deliver a contemporary open data approach ensuring availability of government held information and data for innovation and research purposes.

Review of ICT procurement practices

  • Labor will lead a review into ICT procurement practices, including local industry development options, further use of requests for information and seek to establish a culture of partnership and collaboration.

Think Space

  • Labor will conduct a review of vacant and underutilised government office space and make suitable accommodation available at a subsided rate to start-up technology firms for twelve (12) months.

Authorised by Dean Winter, Level 2, 11 Morrison Street, Hobart


  • Alphawest
  • Anittel
  • Tasmania
  • iiNet
  • TasNetworks
  • Hays
  • Hewlett Packard
  • RXP
  • Microsoft
  • TasmaNet
  • Telstra